FREE SHIPPING to AUS metro areas on orders over $50

Kickstarter Pledge Manager Instructions

Kickstarter Pledge Manager Instructions;
  1. Create a customer profile - click on the little person icon at the top of the page and fill out you delivery details.
  2. Select the Products menu (top of page or nested in the menu icon) and then the pledge manager for your country.
  3. Select the item you backed in Kickstarter and choose the color/s you would like for your game unit/s.
  4. Select the add-ons you would like.

Note: Pressing "CONTINUE SHOPPING" in your cart defaults to sending you to the collection of ALL items (which is more difficult to find what you want). To avoid that simply use the Products menu system to get to your counties items.

AIRFREIGHT: If you want airfreight - you need to select a number of airfreight units or $35 AUD add on games to match the number of units you backed.  For example if you backed 3 games in KS you could select 2 x Airfreight Units + 1 x $35AUD add on game. 
I will give you individual feedback about that if there are inconsistencies before final approval of your transaction.


DATA MATCHING: If I had more time up my sleeve I would cross link your Kickstarter info into my website pledge manager to make it a bit more automated. I however manually approve cross check every transaction so there is a personal feedback loop to keep things on track.

Be sure to contact me on if you have any queries.

The system is in rapid evolution moving forward.  Thanks for your patience and feedback.

- James T.