• The premium new standard in gameplay and hardware is here!

  • Sorts and returns your tokens - more game time, satisfaction and fun!
  • New Iconic Tokens

  • New 3D sculpted designs - cool expansion of your gameplay options

  • The big breakthrough in new gameplay dynamics.
  • Unlock New Games

  • Exciting new choice of games to match your skill, time, action level and company
  • New Cooperative Games

  • Fun new interactive team play - Enhanced STEM & Social IQ building game modes
  • Safety Design Leader

  • Edge and face porosity
  • Color Choice

  • Customise your games

Much More Than Just Four In A Row

Self Sorting Tokens

Modular = Gameplay Nirvana!

Play In Co-op Teams = Social IQ Dream!

3D Iconic Tokens

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The New Games Revolution

The single game of Four In a Row / Align4 is fun for starters. But TorKings' new games breathe exciting new depth and dynamics into the genre. Whether you are on a single or multi-board there's a new range of cool game options to suit you and your crew. Even better - the new rules are still super simple so everyone can dive straight in!

Co-op Play - Performance Enhancing Tool

Spinners are Grinners

Safety Focus

Premium Journey

Testimonials (scroll)

“It's so worth it. I just can't express how much quality is in each part - it's boggled my mates with it's production quality.”

R. Warriner, New Zealand

"Thank you so much, I am finally back from Puerto Vallarta to pick these up and they are OUTSTANDING!! I cannot wait to get back home and play with friends and family! "

E. Kerker, Mexico

This is is by far one of the BEST KS projects I have backed! Thank you!

M. Bouyea, USA

"The game of choice for a more civilized age."

James T. , Australia

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