TorKings as a Performance Enhancing Tool



Established STEM Tool

Four In A Row/ Connect 4 is well established as a STEM building tool in classrooms around the world. It's a highly accessible (easy to pick up and play) tool for building math skills like strategy, problem solving, counting, logical reasoning, pattern recognition and spatial relations. It's excellent accessibility makes it a practical and efficient tool for facilitators like parents, teacher and trainers. Players can jump into the learning task quickly, generally self-regulating with very little overhead.

TorKings is Enhanced STEM

TorKings enables players to evolve with new graduated game levels that are much more dynamic and fluid - which really amplify it's STEM powers. Yet the games are still supper accessible so its easy to pick up and dive into the actual gameplay.
That's super cool, but there's more - the addition of interactive Co-op team play that combines the enhanced STEM with Social IQ building and turns the game into a impressively diverse and impacting tool.

Plus Social IQ Building!

The interactive Co·op team play adds a sweeping range of social and cognitive developmental skills.(see vid below) Because the Co-op play is imbedded into the game play of one of the world's most accessible games - strategic alignment, it becomes one of the world's most accessible cooperative board games as well! That makes TorKings a great board game tool for facilitators like parents, teachers and team builders.

Accessible & Fun Power Tool

Combining accessibility, STEM and Social IQ building makes TorKings a rare and powerful cross purposed skill development tool.

That's great for developing minds and for adults to hone their skills. Regardless of age there's benefits in terms of increased group cohesion/ team building and developing a sense of meaning and belonging. When you are training to solve real world problems, a game of highly accessible interactive abstract problem solving makes an excellent team building tool - albeit in a game that has never been this much fun!


Selecting Your Cool Co-op Tool 

TorKings - ticks boxes as a practical and efficient cross purposed STEM and Social IQ building tool. Here's some questions to help parents and facilitators select a skill building game;

  • Accessibility: Is the game easy to pick up and dive into the gameplay? * Engagement: Can each player participate each turn? Do gameplay options allow increasingly diverse and engaging play?
  • Self Regulation: Can players easily regulate the play by themselves?
  • Player Adaptability: Does it suit a wide range of ages/ skill levels?
  • Cross Purpose Skill Builder: Is it both STEM and Social IQ building?
  • Legacy: Is the game already established as a skill building tool?
  • Choice of Game Times: Is there a choice? Shorter is handy to fit into schedules and Ionger will a/law more involved strategic engagement.
  • Space efficient: Can the game be played easily on a desktop?
  • Wear/ Hygiene: How durable and cleanable are the game parts?
  • Durable Packaging: Longevity of game, ease of storage & quality feel
  • Mobilisation times: Is the game quick to set up and pack away?
  • Time Efficient: Can the game length and team size allow a group to cycle through efficiently?