New Color Choice




Evolved Palate

Color drives aesthetics and paints emotion and meaning to us individually. TorKings' board design is a thoughtful composition of carefully designed components rather than a single piece of one color-fits-all injected plastic. That allows us to create a more diverse and sophisticated look that's ultimately much more relatable for adults and which is overwhelmingly preferred by kids as well.

Visual Narrative: Each skin color interacts with the polar white and royal orange tokens to create it's own distinctive vibe. The neutral silver components are ideal for tying in and contrasting beautifully with each of the game colors. Their metallic look weaves a narrative of strength, coherence and purpose into the entire game form.

TIP: Change the skin you are in: If you are joining two different colored game units you can swap the skins around so that each side can have a uniform skin color on their side! That's a handy way to balance aesthetics and choice.

GT Cerulean

Fresh, summery, energized and playful. This combination has the vibe of our local beaches - cerulean sea, white sands and glowing amber sunsets. The colors also just happen to be similar to the 60's high performance endurance GT40 race car - sporty and iconic.

Edge of Space

Crisp, grand and regal with nautical parallels. The edge of space is the rare deep blue of the sky where the edge of our planet mingles with the black void of space and s tars are visible in the daytime. Few have seen it with their own eyes. Yet soon many more will - as we enter the commercially driven push to the stars. We are all in an era at the edge of space - exquisitely rare and tantalisingly rich in promise.

StarShip Silver

Future inspired - combining the subtle contrast of the polar white and silver alongside the striking royal orange. A nod to Musk's Stainless Steel Starships - with their canard tipped noses, outstretch landing legs, amber hot rocket engines and surface skin flow lines from re-entry scoring. Gaze through one of the 42 portals as you sail between worlds and ponder the meaning of life.

Pearl Floyd

Sophisticated, soft and luxurious with a distinctive and captivating retro vi be. The flow alignment of the pearly particles in the skins is reminiscent of lightly crushed silk. The silvery chassis and pearly skins provide an engaging harmony of underlying strength and outward warmth.