Hi, and thank you for engaging in my project.
I 'm James T. - the inventor, designer and publisher of TorKings and the Owner/ Director  of James and Theory P/L.

TorKings is the result of years of intensive innovation and development. It's evolution was driven first by the need to solve a hardware problem (token sorting), but grew to become an all encompassing redesign of every aspect of the game and gameplay.

New Rules: While the upgrade in the hardware is extensive and impressive, the underlying revolution is in the evolution of the gameplay.  Whereas before you played to get a single alignment, now players compete to win the most alignments in a game.  That simple extension of the rules results in an explosion of new and far more engaging game dynamics that has great appeal to adult minds as well as those younger minds naturally seeking to move onwards and upwards.

Modular Boards:  The ancient and massively popular Asian game of GO is played on 13 x 13 up to the competition 19x 19 grid boards. Relative to the 6x7 grid of Align4/ Connect4 they are massive.  But they are big for a reason – it allows the strategic dynamics to get richer.  And that’s the same reason the TorKings boards are modular – it simply allows the strategic alignment dynamics of the new rules and games to expand and breath.  Modular untames and unleashes the game.  It’s wholly more satisfying for seasoned and younger players.

New Tokens: I’ve turned design thinking inside out with the new 3D sculpted tokens as well. There’s a lot under the bonnet in terms of design there alone.  But the end result for gameplay is a new token diversity that ads dramatically to the strategic diversity and depth of gameplay and ensures the game continues meaningful evolution.

Culture Pilots: Old paradigms invariable give way to the new and improved.  It’s the pioneers and adopters of these new ideas – people like you that are the culture pilots steering the evolution of products like this into popular culture.  I have tenaciously pursued an exceedingly ambitious vision of a future that is richer because of my product.  I am very proud of this and I have risked much to make the vision real. If you can see here the spark of a better world and choose to join me in making it grow then I thank you dearly and look forward to making and sharing that better world today.

James T.

James T. (Aaron James Titelius)
B.Sc. Physics, B.Eng. Civil, Reg. Builder
Director and Owner of James and Theory.