Our Story

It’s fun and rewarding to solve problems and imagine how the world would be so much better - if only you could turn the problems you solve in your head into the physical solution – imagine how cool the world could be?

I’ve been strangely drawn to spotting and solving problems since I was a kid. But I’ve also been collecting the technical and physical tools to realize the physical solutions to very technical problems for decades. It’s culminated in the company James and Theory  - which is my machine for solving, materializing and commercializing solutions.

There are lots of ideas to bring to life, but the first is TorKings, which is by a wide margin, the world’s most advanced game of strategic alignment. A truly complete re-vision of one to the world’s most popular board games.

Though the classic game is very popular – it is plagued by a number of subtle and not so subtle issues. The most unsubtle issue for me was the excruciatingly pointless tedium of having to repeatedly manually sort tokens. Solving that seeded a complete redesign of the hardware and gameplay. The end result is a radical transition from the previous minimal viable product to a product that sets a premium new standard and vision for the genre.

The more subtle issue was the requirement to elevate the senses of the user through more sophisticated and appealing aesthetics, performance, utility, quality and feel.

The new hardware is truly evolved on many levels and that in turn allowed the gameplay to undergo its own revolution. The result is a transformation of a classic genre into an experience for all ages that is magical, mind expanding and inescapably a load more fun.

James T.

James T. (Aaron James Titelius)
B.Sc. Physics, B.Eng. Civil, Reg. Builder
Director and Owner of James and Theory.