Modular Game Boards


 The grand-new board is here. It's quick and easy to big-up the game fun.

Insanely Obvious - Crazy Satisfying

The original aim of Four In a Row/ Connect Four was to be the first to chase a single alignment.  And that makes sense on a small 6x7 board.  But there has always been this nagging desire for the game to go on so you can see who could get the most alignments or even cross linked and multiple alignments!  But on the 6x7 grid that potential is difficult to develop.

The insanely obvious solution in hindsight is to expand the board size so you can do just that!

The big surprise is just how much more dynamic, engaging and satisfying it is to continue the play! It’s more fluid, the game lasts longer and you can weave a much more diverse range of strategies into your game. While Four In a Row is a great game to kick off with, the new gameplay makes the original Four In a Row/ Connect 4 feel like Tic-Tac-Toe! 

TorKings clever modular design allows you to easily connect to other TorKings board games - so you can dive straight into bigger and better gameplay options.

Magic - Expanding Horizons

When you join TorKings boards the larger board, including the latch is integrated into a single unit.  Manually sorting though 42 tokens was a drag so sorting through over 120 tokens on a triple board is really not something to look forward to.  However the new integrated design sorts and returns 42, 84 or 126 tokens in a literal flash - at the press of a single button!

Finally the dreamy promise of the large board format is realized without the drag of manually sorting a load more tokens. In fact now its the other way around - the more tokens you get to sort the more impressive and anticipated it is! It's the sort of magic that seriously never gets old!

Games unite people and now people can unite games

The magic of modular keeps giving as now its easy to add a player per side per added game unit –  and dive into interactive cooperative team games! The cooperative game mode seriously dials up the action and interactive fun. It’s a combination of accessible gameplay, enhanced strategy and cooperative play that’s hard to beat.

Once you experience the real fun of modular – there's no going back.  It’s the perfect design for sharing exciting new game options with friends and family.  So bring your board, joint–it and big-up the fun!