Premium Quality

Seeking Inspiration

The general commercial strategy in game boards is to go low-cost high-volume. That's a race to the bottom for the bottom line.  Unfortunately quality follows down and so does your game experience. The initial bargain grin is so often replaced with the grim feeling of being cheated! Every time you play there is the reminder of an easily deteriorating flimsy build, gaudy colors, sub-par aesthetics, low quality materials and lacking performance. The game does not invite you and it's not something you are excited to share with other. We'd all prefer a game experience that entices and inspires - that avoids the fast track to landfill.

The Real Magic

James and Theory products are designed with a premium game journey in mind. We set a new high standard with breakthrough design features, a keen eye for aesthetics and the use of premium quality materials. Our products look fantastic, are a tactile treat and have functionality and performance that is second to none.  In fact the most common phrase we here from users is “It’s magic!”

TorKings - Satisfying and rewarding Premium Quality Gameware

TorKings 2.4mm thick high quality game box.

Clean, crisp and detailed with cutting edge new features - industrial designer art with amazing performance.


We interact with the game through the tokens. How they look, feel and even sound defines the sensory side of our game experience. That ties in closely to how we create memories and associations of pleasure that have real lasting meaning. That’s not something we’d like anyone to miss out on.

Here’s a few token considerations that make more sense:

Visual Definition

We developed the token material to have a very fine matt surface texture that’s ideal for defining and highlighting the token’s new 3D forms and fine detail. The new look is premium - crisp, contrasting and captivating!

Sound Construction

The game parts and construction are robust. So rather than the rattle of cheap plastic - you'll hear a distinctive "clack" as the high density tokens drop into the engineered game grid. It’s like a typewriter type hitting a page - solid, atmospheric and delightful!

The Feel of Quality

The tokens are made from a silky smooth low friction engineered composite. The curved forms of the Orb tokens are simply magnetic to your fingertips - designed to be a tactile treat.

Enlightening Design

We controlled the token material to be slightly translucent and played with the Orb cross sectional thickness - so that token shapes could be highlighted with transmitted light. With a hit of ambient backlight the game transforms into a subtle light sculpture!

Integrated Aesthetic

Because the tokens and skins have deliberately emphasized 3D form they are able to play with properties that our eyes just love - like depth, geometric precision, fine textures and the beautiful contrast of graduated and crisp shadows. As the game grid fills it transitions into an integrated sculpture - captivating in it’s own right. It’s a rich new journey in every sense.