The Breakthrough for Cooperative Gaming

New Dynamics From Interactive Play

TorKings flexible new hardware and gameplay opens a diverse range of new games and game options - from one-on-one competitive games to cooperative team games on single, double or triple boards - with up to 6 people.

With the new rules, each player in a team gets to place a token in their teams turn. It's cooperative team play and players get to discuss and negotiate their combined ideas for moves and longer term strategies.  Everyone is in on the action and the game dynamics and interaction really escalate. Gameplay becomes a lot more fun, but with all the diversity of human exchange comes a wealth of development that is so important for Social IQ building and honing - for all ages.


 The right kind of cooperative play can make growing skills, meaning, friends and minds - a load of fun!

Big On Benefits

You have probably heard about the many benefits of cooperative games including improved communications, social IQ, team bonding and building, stress reduction and gaining more meaning in life. (See the +More in the top menu for more on the benefits of co-op play). Studies have repeatedly shown that one of the highest drivers of meaning in life for humans is the constructive interaction they have with others. 

Great new cooperative team play games for up to 6 players

Super Accessible

TorKings, unlike most other cooperative games is also super accessible (easy to pick up and dive into). In fact it's one of the most accessible board cooperative team board games on the planet! That makes it ideal for getting new players mobilised into all the fun and benefits of cooperative play without the detailed and complex rules that most other cooperative board games get weighed down with.


Cooperative team play for up to 6 players - ideal for families and friends.


Whether you are 6 or 60+, in the loungeroom, classroom or board room, team play is a meaningful and rewarding way to bring people together while everyone sharpens and builds Social IQ and communication skills. On top of that the new TorKings game options enhance the strategic dynamics and that means Enhanced STEM skills development too! With TorKings range of games there are game options to suit 2 to 6 players - ideal for family, friends and team builders.

Cooperative team play is great for building teams and social IQ.