Token Return System


The Future is All Sorted

Four In a Row / Connect 4 is a fast and fun game but manually sorting tokens over and over and over really jars against the fun of playing the game. It's not only tedious but it also takes away up to about 20% or your valuable game time!

If only the tokens could just somehow sort themselves and return back to you in a flash of magic - imagine how satisfying would that be?

It's a game played by hundreds of millions of people - so, impossible as it may seem, sorting out that problem is actually a worthy engineering pursuit.

Design In The Groove

And in the style of The Martian we went to town on the re-design and engineering of every aspect of the hardware. TorKings is from a brighter and better future.

Our tokens not only sort themselves and return back to you, they are are also designed to be safer (porous in an airway), have optimised visual accessibility (to diversify gameplay options), have beautifully sculpted 3D iconic forms (aesthetics and style), they are wonderfully tactile, adapted to suit the visually impaired, they can spin in different ways (timers, selectors and for fun), they are precision manufactured and they are made from high quality material!

So Much More

TorKings makes wasting your game time manually sorting - a thing of the past.  The auto-sorting is so satisfying and fun it's a real treat everyone looks forward to at the end of a game. You've arrived in a future of fun that's long overdue.

Quality, performance and inspiring design - so much more!